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Tristick Vaporizers were voted the best Vape Pens in its class

Tristick Vaporizers are the Gold Standard of Vaping

Did you know that PLAYBOY MAGAZINE rated Tristick in the top 3 best portable vaporizers on the market today for concentrates?

At Tristick our vape pens are carefully crafted using state of the art engineering, all of which are revolutionary delivery systems for dry herbs, waxes and oils.   Our guarantee is to give you the best all-around vaping experience without the hassles of broken coils, low potency and inferior power sources.

All Tristicks come prepackaged with 1100 mah batteries, providing you with a robust power source while limiting the amount of time spent recharging your battery.  Our Tristick tanks are sturdy and do not leak. Each and every wick is meticulously designed to ensure that they are not only primed properly, but continue to provide maximum absorption.  Each tank is home to eight primed wicks, enabling users to to achieve “cloud-like” draws from their Tristick vaporizer pen.
There is simply no substitute for a Tristick portable vaporizer.  Not only  are we positive that no competitor’s product can compete with our portable vaporizers, but we back the quality of our products with an iron-clad 100% 12 month-warranty!

So what are you waiting for?

The world’s most luxurious and powerful vaporizer is only a click away. Order your Tristick today! Questions? Call us! 1-855-827-3420